I am not going to say I laughed my head off…

I have an overdue library book.  Unfortunately I can’t find it.  I couldn’t even remember what the name of it was.  I usually just scoop up three or four paper backs at a time at random; it is the only way for me to overcome a bias that ends with me reading the same type of books (and even the same book) over and over and never EXPANDING MY MIND.

I asked the librarian what the name of the book I seem to have lost is, get this, it’s title is:


Is that  funny?  Should I move to Prague?  Besides now having literally fallen on my face, this new phase of my life is seeming all too literal!

Metaphorically speaking…NOT!


Still Practicing with the Fondant for the Big Wedding Cake!!!

G.D.'s b'day91 032Some one suggested that I would have no trouble making poinsettas.  Hmmm.
I drank a beer and got chatty and said I was going to start “Trillium Cakes” as a business, but daughter thought “Crazy Cake Lady” would be better.  What’s that about?  G.D. (Granny Dickson) had a great time, not as grand as her 90th birthday but there is still the 100th to look forward to…

G.D.'s b'day91 029

I made a Zombie Cake.

This is the zombie cake I made for my daughter’s boyfriend.  The idea was easy.  The filling was red velvet cake, the base, chocolate chip chocolate cake.  The eyes were yogurt covered almonds and the brains were banana mallow candy.  Yum!


What should I do for my daughter’s birthday?  I have no idea.  I guess I have to watch Ace of Cakes for some ideas.