Small Park, Big Art

We may not braving the -20C weather but
the intrepid Walking Woman has offered up a view to warm our hearts!


15 February 2015 – I like urban parkettes, they punch ‘way above their weight. Small space, lots of radiating benefit. Even so, I’m not paying any attention to Columbus Parkette as I continue the walk that began in High Park.

By now I’m on Dundas St. West, near Sorauren Av., striding along. My eye only half-registers the patch of (currently snow-white) ground & play equipment on the south side of the street.

But both eyes fully register this Uber 5000 canary!

Uber 5000 canary detail, Columbus Parkette

And the rest of the mural, all along the side of the variety store on the parkette’s eastern edge.

shop wall, east end, Columbus Parkette

I swivel, properly looking around by now, and see more street art on the shop wall at the park’s west end.

detail on shop wall, west end Columbus Parkette

And more again, this time all over the little building (washrooms I think) within the park itself. I don’t need the signature to tell me it’s a Jeff Blackburn bear…

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