Street Talk

This is a crazy time of year but the Walking Woman has found out the best places to find the true meaning of Christmas! I love the quote: “Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world”.


17 December 2014 – One way and another — signs, shop windows, graffiti, random juxtapositions of elements, comments of passers-by — urban streets never shut up.

The Tuesday Walking Society is heading north on Roncesvalles Avenue, and we get an earful. (Yes! the Society is back in business! Welcome home, Phyllis.)

First conversation: down a service alley immediately north of Queen St., one we’ve entered before, but not deeply and not recently. This time we go past the mural on an immediate wall on the right, push into the fat cul-de-sac beyond, blink, and swivel.

Visual chatter on all sides. Down this stairwell, for example …

alley east from Roncy north of Queen West

I see that Birdo is one of the two signatures, I can’t make out the other name; I see a lot more Birdo work all around, and then I see … a Birdo van.

Birdo has a van! Like any self-respecting entrepreneur!

Birdo’s van, used to say “e-coli” instead

A young woman walks past…

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