J’Adore the Doors

Once again, Iceland Penny, you have delighted me to re-blogging ecstasy! I love the lego head but also the houses…


13 August 2014 — Tuesday’s walk is not supposed to be about doors.

It is supposed to be about following the Garrison Creek Discovery Walk — truly a discovery every time, since the creek has been channelled underground since the late 19th c., and trail signage & route maps are both a bit catch-as-catch-can. But as Tuesday Walking Society partner Phyllis observes, “We’re out for a walk. Who cares if we get lost?”

The route, theoretically, leads us south from Bloor St. just west of Bathurst, practically to the lakefront. It weaves through a succession of parks, starting with Bickford Park on the south side of Bloor, and we are cheered to find a route marker almost immediately.

Garrison Creek Discovery Walk sign in Bickford Park

Then things get very, very unexpected.

We look to the right, where the park is bordered by the garages behind Montrose Av. homes — and good grief, virtually every door is covered in street art…

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