A Poem A Day, Day Twenty-three

Depression Horizon
The track along the dark mountain is as real as this path in front of you,
the one you see,
the one we can talk about.
The mountains in the distance
keep steady pace
with my slow, deliberate, pedestrian way.
I walk beside you,
but when I am walking on that mountain
I can't remember any place else.

4 thoughts on “A Poem A Day, Day Twenty-three

    • Thanks. I try. It is much better that I don’t hide it anymore from people. I lost a friend to it. Almost everyone at her funeral was unaware she battled with depression. On the day she took her life she was told at a hospital emergency that it would be six months before she could see a therapist. This was a talented, successful and lovely person but because of the fear of disclosing she suffered alone until she could no longer suffer it. Since she died I have tried to be more open about it, if only to dispel some of the misconceptions of what it means. As you know, I look like everybody else (except when I’m clowning!)…

      Thanks for commenting!

      • I think acknowledging the Darkness (whatever one’s Darkness happens to be) removes one element of its power: the burden/shame of keeping it secret. That which is named is, at least in that one aspect, less terrifying.

      • Yes. I think what Clara Hughes is doing with her cycling trip is fantastic. Public figures who open a discussion about it are very brave and do so much to disarm the power of it.

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