A Poem A Day, Day Twenty


There is the rain outside
and the rain you run through to get inside.
Cold rain you have to stand under umbrellas in
and warm rain that soaks you, makes you beautiful or funny or both.
There is the drizzle,
the driving,
the sopping,
the pelting,
the rain you walk around in because you ‘re crying and you can’t go home yet…
or the rain you dance around in
because you are so happy…

There is the rain in movies,
redundantly black and white.

There is sometimes rain in the desert, (you’ve heard)
that melts the ground hard as cement
and causes it to give up flowers
in an sudden explosion
of colour
and life.

There is rain that does not stop.
Pictures of people on top of their houses
holding signs that say “HELP!” on your television
and you don’t know what to tell your children;
When you were a child
you believed
the story of Noah’s Ark
and how the animals were saved two by two
but you don’t anymore.

There is the rain that threatens to ruin a wedding.
There is the rain that cancels your plans for the weekend.

There is the first rain on your first night away from your family.
There is the last rain you watch through a hospital window.

And there is the rain under a streetlamp.
The way the droplets catch the light it seems the rain is falling up..

But it’s only rain.

Wow, I can’t believe I have written twenty poems and they are not ALL haiku! I am going to try to keep this up for the month! Happy Over Eating Day! (Again) or if you are inclined, Happy Easter!

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