My Life as a Movie Monday: Reality Bites

Thanks to “Words Become Superfluous” for a brilliant way to kick start on a cold and frosty morning… ah skinny white dudes with skinny black ties…

words become superfluous

Good morning !!! And a very special, soft spoken and dimly lit good morning to all of my Canadian readers. Have you recovered from yesterday’s excitement, or can I interest you in my signature giant sunglasses and vanilla soy latte the size of my head?!?

For those of you who don’t know, we closed out the Olympics in classic red and white style yesterday, winning the gold medal in ice hockey. It was a big deal, you guys – I don’t even watch hockey (sorry, Dad) and I made sure I was up early enough to watch the last period! But the real die hard fans were up a lot earlier than that, especially if they live here in Toronto: bars got special liquor licenses for the occasion, so that they could start serving alcohol as soon as the game started … at 7am !!! Hence the complimentary sunglasses.


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