Is there anything sadder than a sad clown, of course…

I have been SO DEPRESSED and so have not done much more than the bare mimimum.  It is really bad when it takes a zombie apocolypse to get you to leave the house…

So I went to the AGO, (Art Gallery of Ontario) with a friend (Dee) who kindly bought me another year’s membership.  Look who we stumbled upon:

Pat Smith  Yup, Patti Smith doing a sound check for her performance that night.  I don’t know if you care.  She seems pretty chill.  Maybe it doesn’t matter if you care.

“If a tree falls in the forest and kills a mime does anyone care?” – Gary Larson.

I know Neil Young (not personally, he is Canadian so I am sure I have been at the same awards thing or something at one time…) and apparently they hung out back in the day, but other than that, not so much.  My friend went home and did an astrological chart for Patti Smith and found out they have things in common planet wise.  I mean, we all share the same sense of fashion and we were all at the AGO at the same time so it figures…

Her Polaroids which were on display in the west gallery were tiny and I found the whole thing oppressive probably because I am struggling under a major depression… I am trying to think of who I would get really excited to see right now and they are all dead, which is apparently what is going on for Patti these days.

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