Activities to beat the Winter Blues

1. Snowshoeing.

It’s hilarious and just thinking about it makes me giggle. See it’s for walking on top of mounds of snow, like you might find out where they used set traps in the winter, you know, places where no man has been before, or at least not many…You have to sort of swing you leg around in a BIG ARCH and then *hop* to loosen the snow from it so you can lift your foot again. But now people do it for FUN!

Oh wait!  They went and improved the shape and made them lighter.  When I tried it forty years ago they were shaped like tennis rackets, made out of sapling wood and animal gut, and weighed a TONNE.  Oh that’s not very funny unless, according to You Tube at least, you get hurt.

I am sad.  I will have to come up with another winter activity to beat the blues…

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